Keys to Realize our Playoffs Dreams

As we approach the end of the regular season, we continue our fight to solidify our position in the post season. At the moment there are approximately 8 teams fighting for 5 spots. With 11 games remaining, there looks to be a lot of drama in the next two months. This whole situation has me thinking about what will help give our team the extra push that we need to get over the hump.

Consistency on both ends of the floor is always important. Obviously a team’s success will largely be based on their ability to defend at a high level, as well as find ways to put the ball in the basket. We’ve shown flashes of excellence, but will need to find consistency during this stretch.

Limiting our mistakes, especially during ‘crunch’ time will also be a big key for us. Poor shot selection and careless turnovers will kill any team late in the game. We all have a responsibility to help the team get the best shot, and take care of the basketball with extreme care.

Lastly, and my favorite of all, is teamwork. “Team work makes the dream work,” is a favorite of mine. Working together is crucial; the TEAM must be cohesive and effective as a collective unit. This covers everything from sharing the basketball, helping each other on defense, to encouraging your teammates from the bench, and even motivating your teammates to raise their energy level. A true team understands that they win and lose together, so everyone needs to march to the same beat.

I’ve been extremely inspired by our team this season. We’ve gone through so much on and off the court, and never once thought about giving in, or not trying our best. Of course it hasn’t always translated to success on the court, but I feel confident that everything will begin to click just when we need it to. “Persistence prevails when all else fails!”

Here’s a perfect example of teamwork from David. Helps a teammate on defense, then assists on a score on the other end of the court!

Posted by Marcus Ginyard

Marcus Ginyard is an American professional basketball player from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ginyard has played 10 seasons of professional basketball in Europe since graduating, and is now playing in France for Limoges CSP.

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