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Here’s a look at a normal trip to the grocery store for me. I try my very best to spend most of my time in the fresh produce aisle, picking up plenty of fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges, and bananas are my “go to” fruits, but today I got fancy and bought some strawberries, blueberries and seedless grapes. The berries are a great addition to oatmeal in the morning!  Orange juice, eggs and the granola are essential for my breakfast habits. Spinach, cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery are all ingredients for my vegetable soup. Fresh baked bread is great for the most underrated sandwich on the planet, the peanut butter and jelly (strawberry). Of course everyone can’t eat good ALL the time, and as you can tell from my Snickers and Twix, I’m a sucker for chocolate. If only I could find some Reese’s here in Poland! What you cannot see are the two jelly donuts I ate in the car on the ride home…

Scrambled eggs with tuna, kale and musrooms, orange slices.

Scrambled eggs with tuna, kale and musrooms, orange slices.

About 30 months ago I decided to stop eating meat. Originally, I only wanted to try this for a weekend, but it turned out to last a lot longer than that. I still eat fish, my favorites are salmon and tuna, but I settle for tilapia as well. I never imagined being able to stop eating chicken and beef, but now I hardly ever think about it. My diet is something that is very important to me. Every day I am working to become more disciplined in my habits. I think that a lot of people put a great deal of emphasis on exercise but fail to realize the importance of diet to their overall health.

Kale and beets topped with two salmon filets, and broccoli.

Kale and beets topped with two salmon filets, and broccoli. Dinner is served!

Because I want to make sure that I eat as well as possible, I hardly ever eat out. Its better for me to cook my own meals every day, making sure that I am eating right. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and even reading. I don’t like to be too far away from more food!

Banana, celery, apple with peanut butter. Great snack!

Banana, celery, apple with peanut butter. Great snack!

What do you think about my last trip to the store? Do you think I could cook something that you would like to eat? Are there any vegetarians out there with good, easy recipes? I could always use a new dish to try!

Posted by Marcus Ginyard

Marcus Ginyard (born May 8, 1987) is an American professional basketball player from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ginyard has played 4 seasons of professional basketball in Europe since graduating, and is now playing in the USA in the NBA's Development League for the Westchester Knicks.

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  • Kate

    if U like tuna fish try making some kinda ” spaghetti ” with it. Fresh tomatos or canned (whatever U want) + tuna + just salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil fried very short + brown pasta = the best vegetarian dish ever. try it, I highly recommend ( I dont eat meet too ) it only takes 15 minutes

    • MGinyard

      Thanks Kate! I tried this last night. Good idea!

  • Sewa

    It is not so common to follow all these diet rules even for proffesional player. It has to impact your overall performance on the court. Keep it up Marcus !!! Polish players should learn it from you.

    • MGinyard


  • Annise

    90% all natural whole foods, plenty of leafy greens, and lots of color!!

    • MGinyard

      Thanks mom!

  • basketfans

    marcus eat a lot of soups

    • MGinyard

      I love soup!

  • WOW!!!! I will take all 3 right now! Thanks for sharing, Marcus! I am going to show this to Brooks. I think this is a great way to inspire some of our younger athletes to eat better. XOXO

    • MGinyard

      Coming right up!

  • peytwan

    I have feeling when you get married, you might be cooking for your wife!

  • Artur

    Hi Marcus. So good to see a professional player living a healthy lifestyle 🙂 I am not a vegetarian and do not know many recipes, but looking at your basket, I cannot see any fresh fruit or vegetables that you can buy at the market in Kaliska (for example). Trust me, it’s worth it, the farmers selling green stuff there don’t normally use the chemicals present in fruit and veg from Real or Tesco’s. They are peanuts and organic! I’d add beetroot to your soup as well, VERY healthy veg. Good luck for the rest of the season

  • Nik

    Hello! If I can recommend something to your diet is proposing to buy fruits and vegetables in Poland in small shops in housing estates! somehow better and far healthier products was started from their own small farms where there are few chemicals used …

    best regards and good luck in top6!