Featuring - Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic 2011

Prague is a beautiful city! I was in Prague late in 2010 for a short day trip, and returned in the summer of the following year for round two!
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Featuring - Bayreuth

BCC Bayreuth 2010-2011

Pictures from my season in the German Basketball Bundesliga. Pictures courtesy of my former team BCC Bayreuth and photographer Marcus Arth.
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Featuring - Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria 2011

Weekend getaway to the  great city of Salzburg, Austria.
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Featuring - Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria 2011

Instead of traveling back to the US during our week off from playing, I decided to take a trip to Istanbul. While on my trip to Turkey, I made a short two day detour in Sofia, which in my opinion, is...
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Featuring - Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey 2011

Istanbul, Turkey is by far the most interesting place that I have gotten the opportunity to travel to. Don’t pass up the chance to visit!
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Featuring - North Carolina

North Carolina Tar Heels 2005-2010

A small collection of pictures from my college career at Chapel Hill. Playing for the Univeristy of North Carolina Tar Heels was one of the best experiences of my life!
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