London 2016

This spring was my first time to London, and it didn’t disappoint! Yes, it rained. And yes, it’s a bit more expensive than I prefer, but it has a charm about it that I didn’t experience...
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Amsterdam 2016

My second time to Amsterdam! It was even more beautiful than I remembered! I was amazed that you could escape the craziness of downtown in just a short walk from the center. It was unbelievable how quiet...
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Palma 2016

Mallorca? Where’s that? It’s a small island off the eastern coast of Spain…go take a look for yourself, you won’t regret it! I sat on the beach nearly every hour of sunlight, enjoying...
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Hermine Nantes Atlantique 2015-2016

A gallery of photos from the 2015-16 season spent playing in France for Hermine Nantes Atlantique. Enjoy!
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Paris 2016

Living in France for a year allowed me to spend quite a bit a time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Its everything you want in a major metropolitan city, with a sophisticated flair. This...
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Barcelona 2016

Barcelona quickly became one of my favorite European cities in my short time there. I enjoyed the mix of city life, breath-taking architecture, relaxing beach vibes, and Catalonian culture. It was very...
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