Tauron Basket Liga Playoffs 2013

This season’s playoffs will be my first professional post-season experience. In college I was very familiar with championship play, but have not since had the opportunity to play for a championship...
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Life in Włocławek off the Court

I have shown you how I eat here in Poland, and you have been able to follow my stats and pictures from the season, but you haven’t seen the most interesting stuff! Have you ever wondered what I&#...
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My Brother’s First European Experience

Recently I was very blessed to have my older brother Ronald Jr. come visit me for a week here in Poland. It was his first trip to Europe, and it was the first time that my brother and I had been together...
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TBL First Round Recap

This weekend my team Anwil Włocławek, finished the first round of the regular season with an emphatic 32-point beat down of Start Gdynia, the last team in the league standings. Of course this is the...
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Greatest Rivalry in College Sports: Tar Heel Hangout

What’s your favorite moment in UNC/Duke Basketball History? Would you like to know my favorite moment from this storied rivalry? How about Harrison Barnes’ favorite Carolina/Duke memory? I got...
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How I Eat In Poland

Here’s a look at a normal trip to the grocery store for me. I try my very best to spend most of my time in the fresh produce aisle, picking up plenty of fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges, and...
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